Why Waxx Men’s Pants are So Good!!

Posted on December 01 2018

Why Waxx Men’s Pants are So Good!!

Why are Waxx pants so good? Over the years we have had some amazing comments and feedback so, as a brand, we are fully confident that if we can get you in a pair of Waxx, that’s it, you will never go back.

At £20 a pair they aren’t the cheapest on the market and they fall out of the bracket of being an impulse purchase and become more of a considered investment. Yes, pants really can be an investment.

Waxx Pants

Most people receive their first pair of Waxx as a gift, mostly from one of the women in their life and they probably look at them and think “well they’re a bit different”. They then put them on and end up then buying all their favourite prints for themselves.

A lot of our stockists are women’s lingerie shops who stock them as an add-on purchase when customers have spent a small fortune on lingerie for themselves, or they buy them for stocking fillers at Christmas.

We also have Menswear shops as stockists; our top account being Norton Barrie in Wilmslow, where Waxx underwear sits alongside the likes of Boss and Vivienne Westwood. We also have stockists who stock more casual streetwear clothing.

So Waxx really is for everyone, as long as they like a bit of fun, want extreme comfort and like to push those boundaries.

So “why are they an investment then” I hear you cry?

Well one of the first things people say about Waxx after they have worn it for the first time, is that it is they are the comfiest underwear they have ever worn. We use flat-stitching on every seam, even on the waistband. to ensure that there is absolutely no rubbing on any of the seams or hems. Traditional seams can be slightly raised and can cause irritation and of all the places you don’t want to get irritated, is in that area.

Stretchy Fabrics

Another reason why our men’s boxer shorts are so good is the fabric.  Not only do we use a microfibre polyester/lycra blend, we also use special fast dry technology with a unique printing process.  This unique blend ensures that the fabric is super stretchy, but doesn’t lose its shape - think gym gear. This means you don’t get the bottom sag as you do with traditional cotton boxers.

The printing process means that the print is almost woven into the fabric (rather than onto the fabric) as is found in a lot of the cheaper vibrant boxers around today. This means that even if you have had your pants for over 10 years (like me) they still look as fresh as they did on day one. So there is no excuse not to wear your Waxx boxers every day, as long as you keep on top of your washing 😜. For a tip on caring for your Waxx see below Care tip*

Waxx Ladies Pants Standing the Test of Time

Great Fitting Boxers

The cut of the men’s boxers and the length of the inner leg also ensures that they won’t roll up your legs, no matter what jeans you wear - skinny or flares. This rolling up on the legs can big a huge bugbear for guys. Especially when they don’t want any VLL (visible leg line), yes we just made that up.

We introduce new prints to the collection every six months and phase out the older prints. This keeps Waxx collectable and limited edition so there is always a new print to add to your collection.

Stunning Designs

We take our inspiration from travel, the great outdoors, sports and generally living a full and fun life. As well as having the odd pairs of ‘comedy pants’ every now and again (which we love for a giggle), we also use a mix of photo prints or a continuity prints to create some amazing, vibrant, underwear prints.

Waxx Print Styles

Eco-Friendly Packaging

One of our huge developments, that has made us very happy over the past few years, is our introduction of recyclable packing. When we first started with Waxx over 10 years ago the collection was presented in plastic surfboards. 

We then moved into the iconic Waxx tin (I still have some of my old ones for my stock cubes) and eventually, to meet with our own standards and because of customer demand, we moved onto eco-friendly, recycled packaging.

Yeah, there was uproar when we switched from the tins as our customers loved them, but we knew in the long term it was better for our planet for Waxx to be using sustainable materials where possible and now we are super stoked that we are part of the eco crew.

Waxx Packaging History

So here are a few testimonials from our amazing customers, no we haven’t paid them, but we do like to give them thanks when they give us feedback!!

You can also see some more on our Google Page. If you do fancy writing us a lovely review, we like to thank everyone with a £5 gift voucher to use on our website. Without you guys we would be nothing, right? Review us here - http://bit.ly/WaxxGoogleReview

“Always strictly been an M&S Y-front briefs man in the past - but I do love my WAXX undercrackers... Very comfy”
Nigel Short

“I have been wearing Waxx underwear for several years. Previously I would wear a number of brands (not at the same time  ), however, the quality of the Waxx products was so superior I now only wear them”.
Andrew Gray

“It's got to be 8 or 9 years that I have almost exclusively been wearing Waxx Pants - they are snug - feel great, wash well and look sexy, amusing, or just plain amazing”
-  Sammy Southall

“I have been buying WAXX underwear for years for both my sons who say they are the most comfortable boxers ever! The designs are so funky too! I have also recommended them to friends who have bought them as Christmas/birthday pressies. From a ‘mumsy’ point of view, they wash and wash and never fade or wear out! I also have a Waxx hooded jacket which is so lightweight, but incredibly warm and, unlike a lot of down jackets on the market it is showerproof. Great value for money and exceptional quality. Can highly recommend!”
- Katie Ogden

“Men’s Waxx, funky funny and makes a great pressie for the boys in your life, women’s Waxx are so comfy feels like you’re not wearing anything”
- Di Marratty

“My boys absolutely LOVE the underwear!! Great fit and so comfortable. And as a Mum I can definitely say they wash so well” 
-  Kelsey Barrie

“I own Waxx undies (for comfort), a Waxx down jacket (looks great and is very warm) and flip flops (For jollies) My husband owns many, many pairs of Waxx boxers (wouldn't wear anything else now) and swim shorts (for jollies and summer here) as does my stepson who also owns a down Waxx jacket (which his mum has now claimed). I've bought Waxx for friends as presents and they've said how comfy they are and have also commented on how well-made all the Waxx products are. You can wash and wash them and they still keep their quality and colours. I've had Waxx for 10 plus years and I still use it. The designs don't date and they're always bringing out fab and exciting new designs”. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟recommend 
- Joules Lua Wood

“I wear them when I’m cycling they are so comfy and stay in place. I could write so many great things about them but the best advice is to try a pair out and you will never want to wear anything but Waxx again”! 
- Julie Allington

Final tips
*wash at 30°c (think about our planet) let them dry naturally rather than in a tumble dryer and if there is any white in the waistband even if the print is dark still wash in a white load, don’t worry they won’t run. This will ensure that the white in the band doesn’t pick up any of the colours from the rest of the dark load. Even drying naturally on the line they will dry overnight due to the quick-dry technology.

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