Modal Fabric - What is it?

Posted on May 07 2020

Modal Fabric - What is it?

In 2019 - 20 Waxx set out to become more environmentally friendly. Introducing new packaging and new materials for us to enjoy while not feeling bad about consuming. A large part of being more environmentally friendly and sustainable in our everyday life is thinking about the fabrics and materials used to make our clothes.   

So what is Modal Fabric?

Modal was developed in the 1950s and is a semi-synthetic fabric made from Beech pulp. Mostly used for clothing and household items like bedsheets. Modal is often blended with other fabrics like cotton and spandex for extra strength. Modal is considered a luxurious textile thanks to its soft feel and high cost. 

Why Modal? 

  • Modal’s flexibility makes it ideal for items like t-shirts and athletic wear.
  • Modal has an incredibly soft touch and is often used for bed sheets, pyjamas and pants.
  • Modal is great for sports clothing and everyday clothes because the fabric’s weave is very breathable.
  • Modal is very strong because of the tight weave and the long fibres and is therefore used for garments and housewares that receive regular use.
  • Modal is made from regenerative plants and there are fewer chemicals used in the production process than with other types of rayon.
  • The fabric resists pilling and has a smooth finish that makes it ideal for everyday wear and use.
  • The fabric absorbs dye in warm water and does not bleed when washing.
  • Doesn’t shrink
  • Modal resists wrinkles and will stay smooth

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