Three reasons why our customers love Waxx underwear!

Posted on April 06 2018

Three reasons why our customers love Waxx underwear!


Three things our customers love about Waxx underwear

We wanted to know what is it about Waxx underwear that makes them so great?


We know that our customers love Waxx underwear, but we wanted to know exactly what it was that they loved. That’s why just before Christmas we emailed them and asked for their thoughts, and a whole lot of them responded!

Three things were really clear, our customers buy Waxx because of:

      1. The bold, unique designs
      2. The quality of the fabric
      3. The fit and the style


Bold, unique designs:

We’re all about bold, unique, strong designs here at Waxx. Sometimes they’re a little, well, risqué… but if that’s not your thing, we do also have some awesome travel inspired prints, as well as bold patterns too. To make sure that our designs really are unique and collectable we release limited edition prints twice a year! If you haven’t yet, you can check out our spring summer collection here.


Waxx Underwear - Bold, unique designs


The quality:

We believe in quality. The fabric we use is durable, non-fade and it’s machine washable, making sure that your pants last and last! There’s nothing worse than your fave pair of pants fading or worse - wearing through!


Extreme comfort:

Extreme comfort and support, that’s what we all want from our underwear, isn’t it? Waxx underwear is made from either silky soft-touch microfiber or cotton underwear - the choice is yours. All our underwear features anti-rub flat stitching, a wide waistband and doesn’t roll on the legs. We believe in offering you an underwear experience that’s both fashionable and comfortable.


Extreme comfort with Waxx underwear


Have you experienced Waxx yet? Are you ready to give it a go? If so check out our latest male underwear, female underwear and even kids underwear.

If you're already a Waxx fan let us know what you love about Waxx underwear in the comments below!



  • Carlo Wiggins: April 12, 2018

    I saw them on a British film about football a few years ago and the lad had the ones with the two six shooters on them. I looked for them everywhere but no joy. Still I got about 20 pairs now and they last forever. Please think about doing the six shooters again…please pretty please….

  • Kate Lopez: April 11, 2018

    It’s all been said above I think but these are quite simply the best pants EVER!! My husband and boys all wear them too :)

    They are also the perfect gift – they are my go-to gift for stocking fillers!!

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