Bio Cotton- "The Feel Good Revolution"

Posted on June 07 2020

Bio Cotton-

"The Feel Good Revolution" is how we make you look and feel great in the clothes you wear. We are all starting to be more conscious of the environment but do we think enough about what we wear? Here at Waxx, we have taken the step to start introducing more Eco-friendly ranges with the same great quality, feel and striking designs. 

What is Bio-Cotton?

Bio Cotton is cotton cultivated to certain standards these include;

  • Forbidding the use of toxic and non-biodegradable pesticides and fertilisers. So the soil and water table are not contaminated.
  • The use of GMO's is also prohibited
  • Thanks to biological cultivation the soil remains fertile, organic and stable for years to come
  • Thanks to subsidies small farmers can sustain themselves without requiring credit to buy pesticides and are self-sufficient 

Are there any downsides?

No only upsides, Bio-cotton is the same as regular cotton so it washes the same, colourfast, comfortable and is easy to care for. And best of all you can feel satisfied you are doing your part for the environment. With everyone doing a little bit more we can make a big change.



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