Getting under the skin with Waxx

Posted on May 15 2018

Getting under the skin with Waxx

It’s no secret that Waxx underwear is made with comfort in mind. But we’re also pretty hot on our fashion too! After all, Waxx did originate in France, one of the fashion capitals of the world. This means that although we still put a whole bunch of our time and effort into making sure our pants are the comfiest around, we also try to bring you some of the best designs we can as well.

This month we spoke to the team based at Waxx HQ to talk all things fashion and design. Ever wanted to get inside the mind of a pants (the underwear - not the other kind of pants) designer? Now’s your chance!

Who are your designers and what is it that inspires their work?

Enzo, Halima and Frank are our in-house design team. Each one has his own unique experience and background when it comes to design, which when blended together, creates the unique Waxx style. Most of the inspiration behind the brand comes from travel, sports, and urban lifestyle.

How does the design get from the mind of the designer to a piece of clothing?

All our creations follow the same process. We choose the image, concept and colours from something we’re inspired by - a travelling experience, for example - and then put pen to paper and start from scratch. Then we consider the production and the costings, before designing the product and making the packaging. Samples and product testing is the final stage before the garment goes into full production.

How many designs make up a collection?

It really can vary. For underwear, we tend to release 12 to 18 designs as part of a collection, twice a year.

Any company favourites?

That’s hard, as obviously personal taste is subjective! Full photo prints seemed to be a new favourite but the latest trend is to mix photos alongside cartoons or illustrations.

Can you talk us through any particular travel story that inspired a favourite design?

Here in Southern France we have a lot of pink flamingos. They mainly live in the Camargue National Park. A couple of years ago, we were driving through that park when a thousand flamingos flew right over our car! That contrast of blue sky and pink feathers inspired us all.

Which designs are your bestsellers and why do you think they are so popular?

In terms of the designs themselves, it all depends on the area. Our customers are from France, the UK, Belgium, Spain, Russia, Japan, Dubai…and they all have different tastes! But the mens boxers are clearly the winner here. Taking the whole range into account, however, joggjeans and organic down jackets are huge for WAXX. Joggjeans because they’re a hybrid between sweatpants for comfort and jeans for style - organic down jackets because they’re eco-friendly, rain proof, as well as being comfy and stylish.

You can check out some of the latest designs from Enzo, Halima, Frank and the team in our summer 2018 collection.

We also have a competition running for anyone who orders during May or June - fancy winning a skydive?! Visit our competition page here to find out more.

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  • Chalfin: December 01, 2018

    This is a great brand. And so are the designers. Great. Thanks

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