Four reasons why you should do a skydive

Posted on June 07 2018

.... and why it's nowhere near as scary as you think it is! 

As you’ve probably read (and if you haven’t done, the link is here), this summer we’re giving our lovely customers the chance to win a jaw-dropping 12,000ft skydive.

Chances are it’s something you’ve dreamt of doing for years - or equally, it could be something you’ve avoided at all costs! But whichever side of the fence you sit on, we’re here to give you the lowdown on everything there is to know about skydiving. If you’re not sure it’s for you, allow us to change your mind….

1) It’s safer than you think

Incredibly safe, in fact. Studies show that you are more likely to die crossing the road than you are doing a skydive, meaning you should be able to complete your jump virtually worry-free (although, of course, a healthy dose of fear is what helps make the experience so thrilling). Plus, you’ll be doing the whole thing with a trained instructor who has hundreds of jumps under their belt already. What, you didn’t think we’d seriously let you jump out of a plane all on your own did you?!

2) It gives you a new perspective

Some people like to do lots of different activities to help clear their minds. Meditation, a relaxing walk, reading a good book… but believe it or not, a skydive can have much the same effect (albeit in a very different way!).

Stepping so far out of your comfort zone, out of the remit of everyday life, can make trivial problems and everyday issues seem totally minor in comparison. After all, when you’ve thrown yourself out of a plane, whether or not Tesco has your favourite coffee in stock might not seem that important anymore. When you get back down to earth you’re likely to feel rejuvenated and a lot more grounded.

3) Those views….

During the freefall itself, you’ll probably be concentrating mainly on the euphoric feeling you have, not the scenery around you. But a huge part of the skydive is the parachute flight back down to the ground - a slow and relaxing ride allowing you to take in some incredible views. It’s rare for anyone to see the world from such a unique perspective, so drink it all in.

4) It’s an indescribable feeling

Ask anyone who’s already done a skydive and they’ll probably struggle to put into words exactly what it feels like. We’re not going to try and do it justice either - but if you’re someone who wants to squeeze all there is out of life, you’ll be seriously missing out by never doing a skydive.

Have we convinced you? If you want to bag yourself a skydive simply order a pair of WAXX pants! You can find out more about the competition here - full T&Cs apply.



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